Corporate Hospitality

The needs of any business are vast, but the necessity of having a trusted caterer in your pocket cannot be understated. With proper catering of immense quality and style your business will be able to put on excellent events fuelled by the very best foods and delivered with the very best service. Events are a good way for businesses to get their name out into their industries, or in front of prospective customers, be it a networking event or a vendor showcase, and to have stylish and memorable catered dining at such events will only help solidify your brand to customers and industry members even more, Our corporate catering at Hog Roast Wallingford is here to serve your brand in many more ways than one!

Classic Hog Roast

Our classic hog roast, succulent slow roasted pig served with a variety of rolls. Option to add our freshly prepared salads or potato dishes.

Southern Slow Roast Menu

Don’t limit your enjoyment go for a variety of slow roasted meats. All served in a variety of different rolls or enjoy with salads and new potatoes.

BBQ Menu

A traditional BBQ spread, grilled to perfection. Packed full of variety and flavours.

Alfresco Menu

A fantastic informal way to enjoy your hog roast with additional Anti Pasti Platters and choice of desserts.

Hog Roast Dining

Alfresco dining at its very best, enjoy your hog roast served on real crockery for that slightly more formal feel.

Hog Roast Dining Experience

Perfect for more formal alfresco entertaining. Canapés and drinks service, hog roast buffet followed by a selection of desserts.

Formal Hog Roast Dining Experience

Ideal for more formal traditional dining or more extravagant entertaining…



Our unique and special brand of hog roast catering has served many a corporate event, some from the biggest brands in the world and others for our local friends operating around town and through the UK. Regardless of it is a global partner or a local, our corporate catering here at Hog Roast Wallingford is always trusted to come at an extremely high level of quality that gives our business friends all they need to impress.

Hog Roast WallingfordWhether your corporate catering is required for in-house dining for your staff lunches or Christmas office dinners, or is for taking your company out into the world and impressing at networking events, or showing off to prospective clients or partners, Hog Roast Wallingford guarantees that we can find the right menu to suit your business’ needs.

For staff lunches you might enjoy our buffet lunches or our van style service delivering fresh hog roasts and rolls for your team. A networking event may benefit from a canapés service or a side buffet to allow guests to mingle and eat in tandem. Trying to wine and dine a client? Then the Hog Roast Wallingford formal dining 3 course menu is just the tonic. We’ve got the foods to impress, the services to support any event, and the experience and skill to execute with perfect results! So call today for your corporate catering!