Machine Hire

As a caterer our services requires the delivery of quality foods in high quantities, and with conventional equipment or cooking methods that would prove to be very difficult. We certainly would not have made it over 20 years as a caterer at Hog Roast Beaconsfield were it not for our sublime approach to our cooking.

The key to our successes is due in part to the equipment that we have designed ourselves and used for those last two decades. If you have ever had Hog Roast Beaconsfield at an event of yours then you will have no doubt have seen one of our incredible mobile roasting machines at work, and you will have witnessed just how versatile and useful these machines are in creating our menus. They are instrumental to all that we do, and they can be yours today too through our affordable machine hiring.

The Better Way To Cook

Hog roasting has been a culinary practice for several centuries now, and has been enjoyed all across the globe through many different cultures who will all have their own take on the classic pig roast. The age old practice of spit roast cooking is just not always feasible for at home or on-location cooking anymore – it’s not usually possible to set up a whole fire pit just for the express purpose of cooking up a hog roast – but with our own designed state-of-the-art mobile hog roasting machines the process couldn’t be any easier or better.

This is the pinnacle of roast cooking. The Hog Roast Beaconsfield roast machines possess the spectacle of the authentic style of spit roast cooking with the added practicalities of modern cooking. They are easy enough to set up and set for cooking for several hours, and they’re easy enough to then serve straight from and pack away again too. Even with 20 years of experience behind us our machines are so simple and excellent to use that even a novice could rock up and cook up a feast just about as good as even our very best chef’s specials!

By hiring today you’ll be able to produce roasts of your own with an immediate high level of quality, and it’ll be just about as easy as setting it and forgetting it. Get your roast seasoned, set the machine and your roast up, wait around 4-6 hours, and voila! You’ve got the most magnificent looking and tasting roast ready to serve!

Versatile And Efficient

As a caterer we have to be very flexible and remain efficient to match the demands of every kind of event. Thankfully the versatility of our machines allow us to be just so. Our machines come in many different shapes and sizes to meet the demands of the many varying scenarios that we come across as a caterer, so for your own business or at-home cooking we are more than confident that we can find the right fit for your needs.

And if your needs come to expand beyond your original needs then we can sort that out for you too! Our machines have many different attachments that extend their possibilities for cooking, be it with our barbecue attachments, our serving tables, our chicken rotisserie attachment or otherwise.

You’ll find your machine to be efficient for many different types of cooking at once too. Taking our Titan machine as an example, you could set a whole hog roast to cook while simultaneously cooking one hundred roast potatoes too, or having several chicken legs for barbecuing alongside a couple dozen burgers and sausages. It’s factory level cooking made easy, and done with more style too!

Full Training And Machine Upgrades Available

When hiring direct from Hog Roast Beaconsfield you’ll gain the added benefit of being able to learn all about the machines and how to use them from the very people that first made and used them. We know every single facet of these incredible machines, and so when you hire from us you’ll be invited out to one of our manufacturing warehouses where you can receive a full day of training to get you up to speed and cooking like the best of them (i.e. us!). We’ll send you off with a renewed confidence in roast cooking, so you can impress all with all of your new skills – just be sure to mention that it was Hog Roast Beaconsfield that taught all!

If hiring doesn’t provide enough time to fully get all you need from your chosen roasting machine then we can help with a full purchase as well. Purchasing from us will also allow you to keep your machine regularly maintained by bringing it back to one of our warehouses, and we can even provide upgrades any time you want to step up your roasting game even further!

So why not take the step today and make a show of your own at your next event or dinner by hiring a Hog Roast Beaconsfield roasting machine now!