Private Parties

If you are thinking of hosting an event of your own then one of the first things you’ll want to consider is your catering. Catering helps make the event experience much better, whatever the occasion may be – a birthday, an anniversary celebration, a retirement party, or just a good ol’ party bash for the sake of a party bash. All of these events benefit massively from having a quality caterer in attendance. With potentially hundreds of guests the dining experience has to satisfy many different tastes, and it also has to match the expectations set by the occasion. That is what we here at Hog Roast Dunstable can guarantee.

Classic Hog Roast

Our classic hog roast, succulent slow roasted pig served with a variety of rolls. Option to add our freshly prepared salads or potato dishes.

Southern Slow Roast Menu

Don’t limit your enjoyment go for a variety of slow roasted meats. All served in a variety of different rolls or enjoy with salads and new potatoes.

BBQ Menu

A traditional BBQ spread, grilled to perfection. Packed full of variety and flavours.

Alfresco Menu

A fantastic informal way to enjoy your hog roast with additional Anti Pasti Platters and choice of desserts.

Hog Roast Dining

Alfresco dining at its very best, enjoy your hog roast served on real crockery for that slightly more formal feel.

Hog Roast Dining Experience

Perfect for more formal alfresco entertaining. Canapés and drinks service, hog roast buffet followed by a selection of desserts.

Formal Hog Roast Dining Experience

Ideal for more formal traditional dining or more extravagant entertaining…


Our unique and stylish hog roast catering service brings an exceptional dining experience to your private parties, helping to not only fuel the day but also make it an even better occasion overall. We’ll have all your dining needs in hand, delivering a stylishly served buffet, or an exemplary set course dinner for all guests, or a canapes service that allows your guests to dance and snack without missing a beat. It ain’t a proper party until the catering of Hog Roast Dunstable walks in!

Hog Roast DunstableThe dining experience can be key to the success of an event. We all know what it is like to rock up to a party and to be hoping for a great buffet, only to be met with mild disappointment when the offerings are only a few sandwiches or quick ready meals chucked in the oven. At Hog Roast Dunstable we’ll take you far from such half measures and deliver a full fresh and impressive feast of the best roast, grilled, and barbecued foods around. You’ll find extravagant dining with us worthy of the term “event dining” as we put on a show with our authentically made hog roast, or through our exemplary and stylish service team, handling all the nuts and bolts of your catered experience with flair.

You can dine in a variety of styles with us, and that goes for both taste and services. Buffet style, set menu, meaty roasts, or fresh platters and salads, indoor or outdoor dining – it is all a part of the Hog Roast Dunstable package!