Hog Roast Hemel Hempstead

Hog Roast Hemel HempsteadFor premium event catering at an affordable cost throughout the town of Hemel Hempstead the only place to call is Hog Roast Hemel Hempstead. Hog Roast Hemel Hempstead is proud to be able to deliver high quality catering services for your all your events around town, ensuring always that we deliver a premium level service that impresses guests and serves all that your event requires. We provide for any occasion – corporate function, parties, weddings, community functions, festivals and more.

By using a blend of traditional roasting practices with an updated technologic flair our speciality hog roast is a dish like no other. The reason we hold the hog roast as our namesake and our prized catered dish is precisely because of all that the hog roast possesses – an incredible culinary experience married with flair, style, and spectacle, and topped off by being an incredible tasting dish too.

This is a unique means of dining ready made for events; our team of top chefs prepares fresh every roast and tends to it while it cooks over hours on the day of your event on our very own mobile spit roaster where it will then be served fresh straight from pig to plate! To us, the spit roaster adds an extra level of perfection to every roast – and once you try it we’re sure you’ll agree too. The result of our efforts is a true achievement in taste and texture. Your hog roast comes teeming with delicious juicy meat and a delightful, crisped skin texture to really get your taste buds going!

High Quality Catering for Hemel Hempstead

Hog Roast Hemel HempsteadThere are many ways to enjoy a Hog Roast Hemel Hempstead catered service.   With plenty of meat, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options you and your guests are most assuredly spoiled for choice since every set-menu and buffet option comes at the same guaranteed high quality. For every one of these dishes your event can be served in a whole variety of dining styles too, ranging from buffet services to barbecues, five star set course dining, canapes services and so much more!

Work with our friendly team to find a food and service combination perfect for your event by calling today to Hog Roast Hemel Hemptstead!