Hog Roast Luton

Hog Roast LutonLooking for catering to events in Luton? Then look no further than Hog Roast Luton – yours in stylish event catering fit for the tastes of every occasion! Through excellent foods and incredible presentation and service Hog Roast Luton is here to put the “event” in your event dining experience! Our speciality is in the finest quality meats prepared and lovingly slow cooked in the stylish spit roasted cooking style. This authentic and traditional means of creating our namesake hog roast is a joy to behold as our expert team tend away at our incredible mobile spit roaster until the taste and flavour of your meal is as finely tuned as it deserves to be. It makes for a one-of-a-kind spectacle that events always love, and it makes for an even better dinner at the end of it all too!

At Hog Roast Luton we also ensure that every one of our products is sourced from local vendors and only the highest quality meats are picked out. With such fine quality grade ingredients our elite chefs can truly get the most in taste and flavour out of our roasts; their incredible skill will see your food brought to a glorious perfection of mouth-watering flavour and tear away texture that will have you brimming with delight long into the night!

Dining For Every Occasion in Luton

Hog Roast LutonWe always recommend our speciality hog roast – it is in our name after all – but that does not mean we can’t also provide with an extensive buffet and menu list of foods all at the same top quality. Hog Roast Luton caters to all types of tastes, and all types of service styles, meaning we can offer your event a wide range of options from buffets, to set menus, to casual barbecues, and more, all with your favourite foods readily available and cooked to perfection. This premium dining experience is a must for every type of event, so be it a wedding, catering for your business, or private party dining Hog Roast Luton has your catering in hand.

So, don’t hesitate – give Hog Roast Luton a call today!