The Better Way To Cater For Corporate Events With Hog Roast Saint Leonards

Hog Roast Saint LeonardsAs a caterer there are many ways to go about catering for a corporate event, but here at Hog Roast Saint Leonards we find that one of the best and most universally enjoyed is to add a canape service to your catering.

Hog Roast Saint Leonards has provided corporate catering services for well over 20 years, and in that time we have worked with many incredible brands across many wonderful types of events. We approach all of these jobs differently of course, and typically, as per our speciality, most are coming to us for our signature hog roast dining experience, but we find that even with our classic experience there is so much more we can add on with a canape service.

The reason canapes are such a popular choice for corporate events is because they are often a different type of event to one you get with private events, like birthdays and anniversaries. Corporate events cover occasions such as networking events, industry conferences, annual staff parties, press shows, announcements and the like. At most of these events the focus is not going to be on the dining, but rather usually the people in attendance. There needs to be space for guests to move around and socialise, so the dining portion of the event should reflect that too. As the caterer, it is our job at Hog Roast Saint Leonards to ensure that our service is matching to the occasion, instead of vice versa.

Hog Roast Saint LeonardsThis where a good canape service can really become effective with corporate catering. With canapes being just small snack size bites, and usually perfect for eating with just one hand without any utensils, they are conducive to such events where guests are going to be moving and mingling more. Our team will come to the guests with our platters of canape bites to allow the event to continue to flow in tandem with our dining service. Canapes also offer plenty of variety too, so even in the biggest events with hundreds of guests there is going to be something for everyone’s tastes.

If you want to add a canape service to your next corporate event then consider Hog Roast Saint Leonards as your caterer today!

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