Hog Roast High Wycome’s Brief Beginners Guide To Hog Roasting

Hog Roast High WycomeHave you always dreamed of doing your own hog roast but you are unsure where to begin? Let Hog Roast High Wycome’s expert team give you all the encouragement and advice you need to get started!

As you may already know, we live and breathe hog roast catering. There is nothing we don’t know about the fine art of spit roasting meat, and we always love introducing people to the wonderful world of hog roast catering. Don’t worry if you a complete hog roast novice because we are here to guide you. Here are a few key things you need to get right if you want to go on to master the fantastic culinary craft of hog roasting:

Using The Right Equipment

Whilst the hog roast cooking technique may be ancient, the cooking equipment you use to do it shouldn’t be! You need a user friendly, reliable and efficient machine that will maximise your chance of success and minimise your stress. Here at Hog Roast High Wycome, we supply the UK’s leading hog roast catering equipment and we will advise you on the best machine for your requirements and experience. You can hire one from us to get a feel for it yourself, and we will give you full training before leaving you to cook your own hog roast.

Sourcing The Best Pork

We are lucky to have lots of great pork producers in the UK. You need to choose a supplier who has the Red Tractor seal of approval, as this guarantees your meat is produced in the UK using ethical and safe methods. To get you started, we can supply you with some great pork direct from our own fantastic suppliers.

Hog Roast High WycomeThe Cooking Technique

Time, temperature and patience are crucial in achieving the most succulent results. Whether it is cooked on a spit or in a tray, the hog must be cooked at a low temperature for a number of hours (depending on its weight) if you want the juiciest meat and crispiest crackling. If you would like our help, we can give you lots of great tips!

Whether you require advice, you would like to complete a training session, or you are interested in hiring a hog roast machine, Hog Roast High Wycome are here to help you make the first steps on your hog roasting journey!

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