Office Catering With Hog Roast Harpenden

Hog Roast HarpendenWith hybrid working some of us need that little extra motivation to come into the office, and here at Hog Roast Harpenden we can’t think of a much better motivator than food! It’s all well and good having access to your own kitchen when you are working at home to make a proper, home cooked lunch, but what if you could have even better at the office with a Hog Roast Harpenden office catered hog roast?

Made fully fresh on the day of your Hog Roast Harpenden catered service, our hog roast is a must have item. It cooks oh so brilliantly in the traditional spit roast style for a touch of flair and for the extra crisp texturing and tender, juicy meatiness that the spit process provides. We can then use the completed whole hog roast in a variety of ways perfect for your office lunch hours. Time is money in business, so perhaps a quick service with a fresh pulled pork roll and a side or two is all you need. Or perhaps you want to make the lunch hour a tad more leisurely, in which case Hog Roast Harpenden can serve a full meal with starters, roasts, sides, salads, and all. Or even a buffet lunch if your staff team numbers highly, allowing everyone to dine at their own pace and head back to their desk whenever they want. Whichever way your office catering falls, we at Hog Roast Harpenden still guarantee exceptional, delicious results every single time.

Hog Roast HarpendenOur service doesn’t just have to be constricted to lunch hours either. Perhaps you and your team are going to be staying at the office late to finish up that big project you’ve all been working hard on for months. Instead of ordering in a late-night takeaway why not plan ahead by setting yourself up with a Hog Roast Harpenden catered order? Or for your long board or client meeting pull in a set of Hog Roast Harpenden rolls to help fuel your work. Our catering always works flexible to the needs of our business partners allowing you to work it into your work schedule seamlessly.

It’s just good business to have Hog Roast Harpenden catering, so call today!

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