A Winter Wedding Warmed Up By Hog Roast Aldbury

Hog Roast AldburyFor Hog Roast Aldbury it should come as little surprise that wedding catering is one of our favourite services. It is dubbed ‘the special day’ for a reason, and the dining gets to reflect just that. The bride and groom will have put a lot of stock into truly making it their most special day, so when it comes to dining they are happy to go all out with all the bells and whistles. That gives a team like Hog Roast Aldbury the license to show off the very best of our services, and so that means showing off all our style and fiery brilliance when it comes to event dining.

That fiery brilliance, we have found this past week, gets to shine more so when set against a more frosty winter backdrop, as suddenly our incredible hog roast with all its warm and fiery brilliance becomes more than just a spectacle, but a way to provide a little touch of warming winter magic for guests too.

Last week Hog Roast Aldbury were proud to be doing the wedding catering for Katie and Lyle Fitch. The new Mr and Mrs Fitch had dreamed of a winter wonderland wedding, so of course they set their date for the end of November hoping that the low winter sun and the frosty temperatures would give them backdrop they were after for their special day. Though no snow came, the frostiness certainly did, and with their venue having beautiful outer grounds it would have been a shame not to use it where we could.

Hog Roast AldburyThat is why our Hog Roast Aldbury team made sure to get on their winter warmers so that we could set up a special display out in the venue garden. Anyone who has enjoyed a Hog Roast Aldbury hog roast before knows that we love to show off where we can by cooking it in view at the event. For the novelty of it, we set up briefly in the garden so that guests could come and enjoy the wintery grounds and warm up by our brilliant roast.

It was just the kind of magic the wedded couple were after, and the exact type of out of the box thinking and specialness that you get with a caterer like Hog Roast Aldbury!

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