Hog Roast Berkhamstead – 21st Birthday Party For A Fellow Foodie

Hog Roast BerkhamsteadA birthday party is a special celebration that brings friends and family together to mark an all-important milestone. As such, there’s a lot that goes into making these events a success, but none more so than the food.

The focal point of any celebration, we know that food not only nourishes the guests but also leaves a lasting impression on their taste buds. And, recognising the importance of a delicious meal, Angela made it her top priority to ensure that the food served at her son Max’s 21st birthday exceeded everyone’s expectations – especially Max’s. With this in mind, Angela enlisted Hog Roast Berkhamstead’s team of experts to provide one of our mouth watering meal plans.

Determined to meet Max’s discerning palate and create a gastronomic delight for all the attendees, Hog Roast Berkhamstead’s catering manager, Adrian, decided to serve our iconic Southern Slow Roast Menu. This carefully crafted group dining solution showcases a delectable array of flavours, which are heavily inspired by Deep Southern cuisine. Angela couldn’t have been more pleased with this recommendation and was confident her son would love it.

Fast forward to last Saturday, our team spent much of the late morning and early afternoon preparing this divine spread for Max’s birthday party. Starting with the meats, which had been pre-marinated in our secret recipe rubs, Adrian and the crew rustled up a flavourful buffet, which had successfully filled the air with mouth-watering aromas by the time the guests arrived later that day.

Hog Roast BerkhamsteadHaving been slow-roasted for several hours, the BBQ pork butt, Louisiana sticky pork ribs and minted lamb were tender, juicy, and bursting with flavour when it came time to serve. To elevate theses mains, Hog Roast Berkhamstead had prepared buttery corn cobettes, crispy and delicious homemade fries, Memphis style crunchy coleslaw and a selection of homemade sauces to enhance every bite.

It was obvious the guests were excited to get stuck into the glorious banquet, so Hog Roast Berkhamstead wasted no time in opening up the buffet. After the birthday boy had filled his plate, everyone lined up to do the same. As they all took their first bite, the combination of succulent meat, tasty sides, and homemade sauces created an explosion of flavour that left everyone wanting more – fortunately we always make enough for seconds!

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