High-Level Corporate Catering With Hog Roast Amersham

Hog Roast AmershamAt Hog Roast Amersham our corporate partners rely on us to be able to provide them with exceptional catering for many different kind of business purposes, often at shorter notice than you would normally get with private parties or events such as weddings where catering is locked in months, sometimes more than a year, in advance. It is part and parcel of being a high-level caterer to be able to match to such a demand so that your corporate partners can continue to get what they need from you.

Yet another example of this that we can share with you came this past week when a leading partner of ours requested a high-end dining experience for a client meeting in just 3 days. 3 days would often be a hard push for us to properly plan out and execute such a level of service, but of course we at Hog Roast Amersham are more than happy to acquiesce for such an important business client of ours. They needed to impress a high-level client, we needed to impress them – it is what catering is all about! Fortunately, because we have worked with this corporate partner before in similar circumstances a lot of the planning and strategy is largely taken care of.

Hog Roast AmershamThe catering was held out of a luxurious space by the river. Again we have been there before with this client as they often use it for such meetings of this importance, so we knew right away how we could best set up for the best service possible. Over the course of the meeting the high-level client was treated to our formal Hog Roast Dining experience. This meant as they arrived they enjoyed some lighter canapes bites before we then served a 3-course lunch of the very best roast foods around.

By all accounts the meeting went great and our partner was delighted with our work. Another job well done by Hog Roast Amersham!

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